The site is being relaunched today! Previously, was running under Wordpress with Azure hosting. I decided that Wordpress, and especially the Wordpress hosting, was a little overkill for the site. With that in mind, I decided to look at what static-site generators were around.

After looking at a couple, I’ve decided to run with Hexo which is built on top of NodeJS. Whilst I don’t use NodeJS for any server-side development, I’ve been making more and more use of it in my development environment for front-end build processing through Grunt, so I had most of what was required already.

The site is pretty basic at the moment, and just hosted through Github for now. But the redesign has brought about a couple of changes:

  • Social media links, including one for the new Sitecore Community!
  • Disqus for comments
  • More readable sytax highlighting
  • RSS feed, if you like that sort of thing.

The syntax highlighting is based on HighlightJS, which does appear to have a couple of bugs when it comes to rendering C# source. Hopefully I can get those ironed out.

I also might look to expand the template and build on more areas in the site, but for now it’s just remaining a blog!