Recently I got the opportunity to give a talk on Sitecore Powershell Extensions at the London Sitecore Tech User group.

I had a great time, and along with seeing 3 other great presentations, I was super pleased by the positive feedback I received on my talk. Thank you to everyone who attended!


There was a video taken on the night, so if you couldn’t make the talk and want to watch it, it’s just below. Unfortunately there was an issue with the recording and some audio was lost, but I’ve supplied a voiceover for that part to cover what was missed:

Slide deck + demo scripts

If you’re interested, I have uploaded some of the materials from the talk:

Bear in mind that if you use the packages, you’ll need to have SPE installed first. See just below for links!

Enough talk, I just want SPE!

Here are the links to the good stuff:

Debugging support in SPE 4.0

One of the questions I was asked a couple of times after the talk was whether you are able to debug scripts in Sitecore Powershell Extensions. I was using version 3.3 in the demo, which did not have this feature, but the very newly released version 4.0 comes with full debugging support!

Here’s a video from Adam Najmanowicz demonstrating the new debugging functionality:

Pretty great, huh?