Multi-Line field bugs in Sitecore 8.1

If you’re using Multi-Line fields in Sitecore, as of Sitecore 8.1 Update 1 you will encounter problems with using them when editing content in the Experience Editor.

These two bugs are:

  1. When you create a new line in the field, the Experience Editor will actually add two new line breaks instead of one.
  2. When you save, all lines except for the first are not saved. Continue reading

Implementing a Virtual Field in Sitecore

My recent work with Sitecore has involved getting to spend some time customizing the search results for editors. One task I wanted to accomplish was to improve the standard DateRange facet that is supplied with Sitecore. I had two issues I wanted to solve; I wanted a facet that was:

  • More granular. The existing facet has values such as This Week, This Month, This Year. I wanted editors to have more options here, for example a facet to show items “3-6 months old”.
  • A better display. The standard facet displays its values in a rather user-unfriendly manner, e.g. “thisweek”. I would prefer “This week”. Continue reading

From Wordpress to Hexo

The site is being relaunched today! Previously, was running under Wordpress with Azure hosting. I decided that Wordpress, and especially the Wordpress hosting, was a little overkill for the site. With that in mind, I decided to look at what static-site generators were around.
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A Sitecore custom provider gotcha

Sitecore uses the framework for managing its users, and also provides this as a means for you to manage your own users of your website in the extranet domain (or other domains that you have implemented).

In certain cases, you may want to implement your own custom backing store for users, rather than the default SQL Server provider. Fortunately, Sitecore includes a mechanism so that it can support multiple providers under one website, this is through the SwitchingProviders within the Sitecore.Security namespace.
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Event tracking in Google Analytics

This is a short guide on putting together a simple-yet-powerful script for tracking custom events in Google Analytics. Whilst there is already a ton of information on the web about Google Analytics and what you can achieve with it, this blog entry is aimed at devs who want to get going quickly with event tracking.
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Referencing folders with Placeholder Settings

Placeholder Settings allow you to choose what Renderings / Sublayouts you want to be selectable to add in to the placeholders of your layouts.

Each time you create a new Rendering, you need to update the placeholder settings too so that the editors can use the rendering. If you keep your renderings nicely organised within a folder structure, then there’s a simple method for making this a bit more flexible and having Sitecore automatically pick up the renderings by referencing a folder of renderings rather than the rendering itself.
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